Oktoberfest in Braşov

Oktoberfest organizers will strat celebrating fall in two new tents and also a new location. The expansion is made due to the large number of visitors in recent years. The chosen location is next to the former Stadium and two tents will tell different stories.

The name of the first tent will be Wiesnzelt and it will represent a piece of story, visitors living new experiences, just like in nature. It will look like a lawn, where the relaxation will be self-reliant.
When you will step in Wiesnzelt, you will think of Oktoberfest in Munich, organized as the Theresienwiese, with a huge exhibition ground named after Teresen von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, who celebrated here the marriage to Prince Ludwig I.

The predominant color of the spot will be green and it will represent nature and the good mood. Everything will be rustic, and the scenes inside the tent will be hand-painted. Large wooden gates and special decor will delight visitors. This year the area of relaxation and good vibes has been extended, also making it possible to access balconies of the location.

Visitors will have fun outside the tent in the Ciucaş area. Wheel of Cornel and Pond are just two of the proposed games this year, competitions with great surprises while the prizes will consist in Bavarian costumes and beer mugs.

Kronstadtzelt is the second tent that will be prepared for visitors. Tourists will be able to make a foray into the history of the city at the base of the mountain. This tent will make distinction compared to what they are accustomed, the tent will have an urban landmark and a city charm.

The reprezentativ board will stand witness to the history of Saxons, presenting precious information about this. And who hasn’t seen the wonderful buildings of our city, has a chance to observe them in miniature, painted on the stage, where they will be held all sorts of concerts and shows.

There will be 11 days of leisure, with good music, beer and many surprises. One of the pleasures of Romanian people is to light a fire in the open air and to cook all sorts of barbeque.
And because organizers thought about everything, they want visitors to be rested, so they made the plan to achieve a seating area where they will made hammocks, tourists will play badminton, and reading lovers will have a bunch of books, in order to lose themselves in this magical world.

Also guests will have the opportunity to enter into the wonderful world of game, with only one condition: to visit the gaming zone-type Amusement Park. Over 20 huge machines will be made available to those who want excitement.
Another attraction is the Oktoberfest parade with carts pulled by horses, which runs on a different route, this year’s departure from the Main Square.

Brasov – Little Bavaria – we choose to see the view of the streets, the characters and the german style. It is an event that started to bring a plus for German community of Brașov and has grown to be a valuable addition to the city.

If you had plans at the beginning of autumn, change them, because fun is guaranteed!
Ambient Team is waiting you to Brasov to celebrate! Be here!

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