Activities in Brasov

Paragliding – you can choose between Bunloc and Poiana Brasov but no matter what place you choose, the sensation of “escape from reality” will be one you will never forget.
If you don’t have your own equipment and proper license you will need a pilot, or you can choose for paragliding in tandem.

Bungee jumping at Cheile Rasnoavei defy the laws of gravity without being related with Louis Armstrong ( and without you stepping on the moon) “ it will be a big step for mankind ” this time. The highest bungee jumping Center near Brasov is at Cheile Rasnoavei, at 140 meters high. There is also the option of 40 m high here. Trust us, the show is yours entirely.

Adventure Park – natural surroundings, in the middle of 2.5 ha of forest, this park is the largest park of fun in this country. Games, ropes, pieces of wood, this adventure park it’s suitable for both small and big ones alike. Whether you are with family or friends, it will be an unforgettable experience.

7 stairs Canyon – it is said that the number 7 represents a union with divinity, the Canyon 7 stairs amazes us with seven of his broken slopes and 7 waterfalls. A perfect trail for everyone.

Cismasu Equestrian Center is located at 10 km from Brasov, between the localities of Harman and Bod. It gives all those keen to make memories, the opportunity for recreational fishing – sport, leisure and equestrian.

ATV is short for All Terrain Vehicle – machines with four wheel drive (4×4) built for any kind of terrain. Whether you choose a HARD or a more SOFT riding experience, you can get over any obstacle you will meet on your way. Everything depends on skills and desire, because you can never find ruff terrain that is hard to beat.
Of course, if you are at the beginning, we recommend that you take it easy, step by step because even SOFT can be HARD and you get a very considerable amount of adrenaline too. You will also get a helmet, a special rainproof suit, gloves and some goggles, for your protection. Instructions never hurt nobody and besides, we will get over that quickly. And then you can start your own adventure. Our guide will be leading the caravan – just in case you forget how to restart the engine or for your safety, so you don’t get lost

Kart racing – Three, two, one, go! If you are infested by the “speeding microbe” you definitely like to ride the small yet powerfull beasts on four wheels. Full concentration, blood pressure rising, your heart is beating like a drum, you are there at every moment and at every corner, the smell of burned tires – this is the mix of feelings you get when you at least mention the word “karting”

One of the most appreciated tactical games, played in general between two teams and where the main aim is to eliminate your opponents. For this you have at your disposal a paintball gun, bullets (capsules containing water-soluble dye) and a full protective equipment. There are several types of games with various tactics and strategies: Death Match, Capture the Flag, Protect the Crown, Duel etc. We explain you the rules, show you how to use the guns and the rest is up to you. This is a team game, so it can be very useful for team building events.

For a complete experience, we recommend teams that have between 6 and 20 members . We also recommend that every player has a minimum of 100 paintballs.

An elegant sport, a relatively new activity in our country, but definitely very appreciated by individuals and on teambuilding events as well. Golfing can be a really good occasion for socializing. It’s an activity which requires discipline and fair play. Golf can be played by anyone, regardless the age or physical fitness.

After so many outdoor activities proposed we are sure you think about where to rest and we propose Complex Ambient Brasov.

We have hotel units of 3 and 4 star and we invite you to take a look and visit.

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