Amural, un Festival cu Suflet

This year’s edition is under the name of working with people who take a genuine interest in the next cultural move.

This generation, the remix generation will believe that rules are there to create opportunities and the walls are objectives to cross.

It has become increasingly difficult to define visual arts after the technique. The idea of instant exposure and art can become a revolution of solutions.

The idea this year is joining creative people, where 1 plus 1 do 3, thus celebrating the things that bring them together: city + nature, history + technology, art + entertainment,
mind + soul.

Together, festival people of all kinds, we try to redraw the city. We plant the seed of creativity because, in the end we would love to leave the world a better place.

What is AMURAL?

• The intersection between art and entertainment
• Festival with the most screenings in the country
• The only festival dedicated to Visual Arts
• Downtown and in middle of nature at the same time
• A playground, not a show.

Inspired to transform the wall from an obstacle to playground, we built a creative logo AMURAL of two bricks. Crossed, they form a heart. Any object can obtain a soul if it is viewed from the perspective of the author.

The festival offeres:

• Graffiti Mural art – in previous years, we changed the vandalized walls, in three works of art which greets visitors.
This year’s artists: Millo (ITA), Kitra (Bucharest), Saddo (Bucharest).
• In 2016 we brought new artistic expression to AMURAL, Brasov met for the first time with the work of two painters with an authentic and edgy vision.
Artists: Victor Fota si Obie Platon ( RO)
Organizers are counting down the hours before opening AMURAL and are prepared to surprise you again.
• Digital- It will take place in medieval bastion with the latest technologies-VR, touch, 3D printer and GIF Festival-exhibition of GIFs on the tablet.
• Graphic Design – The exhibition is located next to Ecaterina Gate and it was dedicated last year to Radu Manelici.

Hopefully AMURAL grows every year with urban arts – video mapping (projections 3D), fine arts – illustration, photo, graphic design, film and animation, audio-video show- Nathan Fake (UK), Alex Smoke(UK), Baba Dochia(Cluj-Napoca). In addition, installations of light, concerts and special events will take place here. The projection will be visible also from Piata Sfatului, in order to attract the attention of the visitors.

Outdoor exhibition areas – will open up activities to illustrate photography. Artists: Juno Calypso (UK), Ioana Cirlig (Romania)

Having so much potential, edition number three of this festival, will be happy to surprise you, and our AMBIENT team supports art in all its forms, so join us!

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