1st May, International Labor Day

Ambient Guest House is the perfect place to celebrate a sunny day full of surprises. In Brasov the party continues and the International Labor Day is celebrated at the same time with the Days of Brasov. After the memorable Sunday when Junii Brasovului descended to the old center, today we have a new reason for joy that we invite you to spend with us.

In Romania, the International Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in 1980 by the socialists. During the communist regime, on May 1, the authorities organized demonstrations on the main streets. The workers, dressed festively and wore huge banners. After 1990, the importance of this day’s propaganda has been minimized, but people still enjoy this event, and celebrate it outdoors, at green grass, at sea or in the mountains, with small beers and other delicious dishes.

In 2003, a trade union confederation, tried to organize a popular gathering with small beer and music to celebrate this day.

In Germany, May 1 is a free day too. A red ribbon is in the chest, in memory of May 1, 1890, where, despite the ban on demonstrations by Sozialistengesetz, international followers decided to meet in parks and wear this ribbon.
In Switzerland, the United States and Australia is not an official celebration.

Workers everywhere unite on May 1 to protest against exploitation, but in each country it is different, depending on the traditions specific to national movements. In the Soviet Union, the first demonstration of 1 May took place in 1917, in Red Square. In this place, in 1924, after the construction of the Lenin Mausoleum, hundreds of thousands of workers, commemorates for over eight decades, year after year, the Great Socialist Revolution of October.

In the United States in 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower decided that May 1 celebrates Fidelity Day against the tradition of American freedom. The aim was to avoid overlapping the festivities of American workers with those of the communist countries. In the United States, Workers Day is celebrated in the first month of September. However, the main significance of the event was not the date of forgetting. In 2006, for example, Mexican immigrant workers chose 1 May to trigger a general revolution to change labor laws.

But 1 May is not only the feast of Communists and Workers. It has an ancient tradition in the Romanians, under the name of Armindeni. “Arminden” is a symbol of vegetation that protects crops and animals. According to tradition, this day is also called the “day of the wormwood” or “the drunk day” and represents the beginning of the summer. The Arminden is celebrated for the fruit of the earth, not to hail, to the pests, to the health of the cattle, to the good wine, to the healthy people, to the green grass, to the lamb, to the curd, and to the red wine with the wormwood.

We are at your disposal to give you a memorable 1st May!
Yours, Ambient Team

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