Let it snow – Poiana Brasov

If the weather allows ski, the season starts in December. Until then, slopes are ready, there will be automatic charging systems for cableways and tariffs will remain as the last year.

Authorities will open a new parking lot in Poiana Mica with a capacity of 400 cars and tourists will be taken by shuttle bus to the sky resort. By 1st of November, Poiana Brasov ski area will be prepared for artificial heavy snow. This year our hope and intention will be to have a functional ski area at the beginning of December, of course, if temperatures allow it. If we have an optimal temperature – the maximum will have to be minus 4 degrees Celsius, approximately five to ten days in a row. We have all the facilities reviewed and functional, including chairlift Ruia. This chairlift is a supplement, but it is good to have this alternative which we can be use if necessary, especially in competitive events.

Work on the slopes and a new parking lot in Poiana
The lake is filled up to 82% and the amount of water will increase after 10 October by another 10%, enough to start the procedure of making snow.

Each of the 120 lances, 10 fixed guns and 19 artificial snow mobile, are working. Protection nets on the slopes have been replaced with new ones.

Authorities removed rocks on the slopes or fallen trees. Cashiers and cards are also prepared and compared to previous years; there will be two automated devices that will be useful especially in the season and that will simplify the method of recover money for people who have not used all the points on the cards.
One unit will be near the gondola, and the second probably in the recreation center.

Cableways Prices
Ticket for ascent/descent by cable car or gondola is 20/RON trip for adults and 10 RON for children, and a ticket with an ascent and descent is 35 RON for
adults and 17 RON for children. If you pursue access cards, they can be loaded with 6 to 240 points. Six points cost 30 RON for adults, 15 RON for children, but the cost per item decreases significantly if purchased packages with several points. For example, a card of 30 points costs 100 RON for adults and 55 RON for children. For each climb, under card points, you will be charged six points.

Poiana Brasov
In Poiana Brasov you can ski in winter on the following tracks: Red Road (5.8 km) with 2.95 kilometers long slope Lupu (2.62 km) and Kanzel (0.80 km) – all considered difficult in the Sulinar (2.82 km) and its variants (1.70 km) of medium difficulty, Bradul (0.50 km) for easy difficulty. Also you can ski slope Bradul during night.

We taught also about accommodation and you can enjoy our rooms at one of our 6 locations, in Brasov or Cristian.

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