Road trip in Postăvaru mountain

The name of the mountain comes from the former owner of sheeps – Stoica Postăvaru from district Schei, Brașov. Old documents were discovered in the archives of which are writings about Stan belonged to “Posztovarul Christiane sive”, which means that the new owner was at that time Cristian (P. Binder, 1973). It is explained in this way the name Cristian Mare which is known as the top Drapers.

Postavaru is located at 1799 meters above sea level, offers a superb view of the resort town of Poiana Brasov, Brasov, and the Bucegi mountains and also the Ciucaş mountains. If you venture to the top you will have the feeling that you’re on top of the world, you will admire breathtaking landscapes and you’ll get a portion of good clean air.

Connoisseurs refer a combined route. So you will be able to admire breathtaking landscapes and no you will not bother too much. The route is accessible to children, but it requires you to have footwear that doesn’t slide because the road is Rocky. Hike begins at the cable car in Poiana Brasov. A road costing $20 for adults and 10 for children ($ 35 round trip for adults şi17 lei). Cable car circulates until 16.00, so it would be good to start in the morning. Cable car adventure lasts a few minutes during which you will be able to admire in Poiana Brașov.

Once in Postăvaru, mountaintop is close, about 15 minutes walk. You must pay attention because the trail is rocky so you can not get lost. On top Postăvaru (1799 meters altitude) is arranged a bellview where you can feel that you are above the world.
Wherever you look, you will see beautiful landscapes. On one side you can admire Brasov and Poiana Brașov and in the other side, Ciucas Mountains, Bucegi, and Prahova Valley. The view will take your breath away, and if the sun is out it is more spectacular. Take your time, sit on and admire the beauty of nature.

You will get a good portion of fresh air. Downhill, if you choose to walk, you have a trail: Red Road. Do not deviate from it and do not try shortcuts through the woods because you might meet a bear. The route is an easy one that winds through the mountains and did not have to have great physical condition. It takes up to one hour and half complete if you go casual and more relaxed on the road. Finally you reach the cable car still in Poiana Brașov.